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Multimedia Graphic Designer & Real Estate Entrepreneur

I am a multidisciplinary designer specializing in graphics, photography, videography, ceramics, and print media. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I come from a long line of artists who have nurtured my passion for design. My modern and minimalistic designs draw inspiration from my ancestry, history, culture, and lived experiences.

As a designer and a natural leader, I have acquired the tools necessary to work collaboratively with a diverse clientele and other designers to adapt to individual client needs. Most recently, I began working in the real estate industry and venturing into entrepreneurial projects in the residential housing market.


Through my educational and professional work experiences, I have developed a multidimensional approach to design, integrating various styles, mediums, and perspectives into cohesive design solutions. Working in multimedia allows me to design effective visual communication systems by unifying brand identity creatively and consistently across company channels and platforms.

I appreciate your time looking over my portfolio.

Let's connect and work collaboratively!

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